At boojee, we're redefining the way you experience fine fragranced candles. Our mission is to provide a more economical and sustainable way to indulge in your favorite scents, without any compromise.

Sustainable Indulgence

Our Mission

We believe you should have the freedom to enjoy your signature scent whenever you wish, without the burden of overpaying or creating unnecessary waste. This belief inspired a key innovation: separating the candle from the vessel.

By decoupling these elements, we've optimized the value distribution. The result? Exceptionally high-quality scented candle refills, made with the finest fragrance formulas, offered at a fair price, paired with handmade ceramic vessels designed for reuse.

Boojee's innovative approach alleviates the guilt associated with frequent burning and the accumulation of empty vessels. Moreover, our minimal packaging and refill model significantly reduce waste from excessive packaging.

Redistribution of value

Unlike other fine fragrance candle brands, we don't bundle the cost of the scented candle, vessel, excess packaging, and handling into each purchase.

Simply buy what you need—be it a scented candle refill or a reusable vessel— always with minimal packaging. Our approach not only strips away hidden costs and unnecessary extras, but also serves our commitment to sustainability.

Highest quality, clean fragrances

Our Commitment

We recognize the power of scent. Our sense of smell is linked to the brain's emotional and memory center. This connection means the right fragrance can do more than perfume a room—it can evoke positivity, soothe the mind, and enhance well-being.

Our expert perfumers are dedicated to the art and science of identifying timeless fragrances, scents that consistently resonate deeply and cultivate an ambiance that is inviting and genuinely personal.

We infuse our fine fragrances, formulated with non-toxic, phthalate- and paraben-free ingredients, into our proprietary, vegan, and cruelty-free wax blend, devoid of paraffin. This approach reinforces our commitment to your well-being and the environment.

Takes inspiration from ‘Bougie’

bougie - the french word for ‘wax candle’. ‘Bougie Parfumée’ means scented candle

Bougie - Derived from the word ‘bourgeoisie’ relating to or characteristic of a person who indulges in some of the luxuries and comforts of a fancy lifestyle